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  • 12/08/2022 5:30 PM
    101 N. Broad St. Suite A, Monroe, GA 30655

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Exposed On-Line Speaker Line-up

Marisa Baletti-Lavoie - Friday July 15th - 9am  -  Social Media Studies by Sassy Mouth™

Join the Queen of Sass Marisa Balletti-Lavoie for a bold, fresh, original program spotlighting the do's, don'ts, and why's of social media & personal branding . Marisa will provide tips to capitalize on your social media reach, demystify hashtags, and unravel using various social platforms for business.

Mitche Graf  - Saturday July 16th  - 10am  - Power Marketing & Branding For The “Lifestyle Entrepreneur”

We’ve all been taught that in order to be a successful businessperson, you must be willing to commit 100% of your life to building your empire, even if that means having to sacrifice all your time in order to do so. This intensive workshop will not only give you a new definition of what true success really means, but will also equip you with the tools necessary to win the marketing and branding war.

Mitche Graf's refreshingly entertaining and provocative deep dive into the inner-workings of what your true success really means, gives you the 40,000-foot view over how to crack the code of balancing your personal life AND being a World-Class Entrepreneur. He takes you behind the glitz and glam of owning your own business in sharing what it’s really like to grind and hustle to make your dreams a reality. Marketers, sales professionals and business owners will begin to reinvent the way they look at their job duties with an entirely new perspective.

Mitche will share:

* How to eliminate, delegate, and streamline up to 95% of your daily activities.

* How to focus on your “Super Powers” and get rid of everything else.

* How to treat time as your most valuable asset, and how you spend your time is the most important decision you must learn to make.

* How to enjoy the “special moments” in life that define you as a person.

* How to recalibrate your thinking so you live like Every Day Is A Saturday!

You will leave this short seminar with actionable steps on ways to build your business, while at the same time living the life of your dreams! This motivational and thought-provoking program is jam-packed with simple tools and inspiration to ignite your hidden passions, re-activate your creative juices, and give you control of your valuable time to pursue the things in life that are most important to you. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a new start up business, this program will give you a methodical blueprint for uccess.

Angela Lawson  - Saturday July 16th  - 12:30pm - Tips and Tricks for working with Pets

From typical dog and cats to exotics like pigs, rabbits and reptiles, Angela will give you information and tips on how to work with pets to make your session go smoothly. 

**This short program is designed to give just a brief idea of what you can learn by attending  Angela's full week program at Photoworks 2023. 

Bryan Welsh  -  Saturday July 16th  - 2:00pmThe Relationship Between Things & How to Work Them Together for Business Success.

The success of your business is in direct relationship to how well you can integrate a handful of fundamentals. Marketing, Shooting, and Selling are the big three, but the list doesn't stop there. We will dive deeper to uncover systems and processes that can increase your efficiency and enjoyment of owning a photography business. Come to increase your Marketing, Shooting, and Sales skills and leave with a better understanding of how it can all work together just as you imagined.  

**This short program is designed to give just a brief idea of what you can learn by attending  Bryan's full week program at Photoworks 2023. 

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