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Get Your Clients On The Hook - And Reel Them In!

03/25/2021 2:10 PM | Lisa Hill (Administrator)

Presented by: Jennifer Collins, GPPA Board of Directors

Jennifer Collins operates a very successful portrait studio in Eatonton specializing in High School Senior Photography and I was excited to learn her techniques in attracting new clients and selling high end packages. She did not disappoint!

In her presentation “Get Your Clients On The Hook - And Reel Them In!” Jennifer outlined her approach to make sure her clients are educated from first contact to final sale so that they’re prepared when it comes time to make their purchase.

Here are some key takeaways from Jennifer that you can use to educate your clients and “set the hook” for successful sales. You may find something different works for you, but these are great starting points if you want to improve your sales process and results.

Jennifer follows these steps in her business for communicating with and educating her clients:

  1. Get client’s attention: word of mouth, Instagram, and Facebook are the most effective for her business
  2. Client contacts Jennifer: text, e-mail, and messaging are the most common initial one-on-one contact with her clients
  3. She then sends the client a couple of highlight videos and a form with a few questions for them to answer using MyPhotoApp
  4. The form is then automatically e-mailed to Jennifer. At this point, she contacts the client by phone and uses the answers provided on the form to ask more detailed questions, take credit card information for a deposit, and schedule the session
  5. After this phone call, she sends a second message via MyPhotoApp with the agreement, full price list, and a map to her studio

General Rules for Educating Your Client:

  1. Make it clear and repeat it!
  2. Make it quick with small bites of info
  3. Make it easy to contact you
  4. Make it easy to pay
  5. Under promise and over deliver
  6. Answer all their questions
  7. LISTEN to them
  8. Build trust

Jennifer is clear in her message of her work style, options, unique approach, cost, proofing, details, payment methods, and most importantly how she will prove them right – that they made the right choice by hiring her.

Communication is key and repetition is important so that there’s no miscommunication when it comes time for the clients “purchasing session” (she is strategic in not calling it a viewing session – so they come ready to buy!).

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Jennifer’s website: www.jcollinsphotography.com

To become of member of GPPA, click here: https://www.gppa.com/Membership

My Photo App: http://www.myphotoapp.com/

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