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2023 Exposed|Georgia Showcase!

08/02/2023 3:28 PM | Lisa Hill (Administrator)

GPPA is proud to offer an exciting 2-day summit featuring 6 speakers from Georgia! We know you’ll love learning from some of our homegrown talent and networking with photographers from around the state.

This year’s Exposed|Georgia Showcase will take place at Photoplex Studios in Alpharetta on August 19 and 20, 2023. To kick off the weekend, we’ve tied in our annual image competition and Club 79 which will take place on August 18!

Here are a few of the highlights from our speakers:

The AI Frontier: Embracing Technological Advancements in Creativity with Jason Hurd

With the rapid increase in technology, artificial intelligence tools are having a significant impact on creative career fields. In this session, we will look at the current state of AI and its impact on productivity and creative professions. We will dive into a deeper understanding of what AI is, learn how to supercharge your productivity, as well as, discuss its implications regarding intellectual property. Jason Hurd currently serves as an Artificial Intelligence instructor and robotics coach at Seckinger High School in Buford, GA where he is developing the first Artificial Intelligence pathway in the state of Georgia. 

Getting Started in Fine Art Portraits with Leon Johnson

Leon Johnson is a portrait and fine art photographer who is coming to share with how he leads his clients from his fine art inspirations to the final product.  He will discuss the tools and styling he uses to create his artworks and the techniques he has found successful in marketing his work to potential clients around the US.  An extremely prolific photographer, Leon will discuss how he allows his passions and love of art to drive his development as a photographer and an artist. Leon will discuss how he has maneuvered past challenges such as being active-duty military and operating out of a small home studio. He will discuss how he builds trust and rapport with clients and their role in creating natural expressions, poses, and gestures in his work in addition to providing an amazing client experience and creating a product that they love. His words will paint the pictures in your heart and soul and help you interpret them with your camera. Leon Johnson is an award-winning portrait and fine art photographer based in Augusta, Georgia. 

Bust Out of Budget Weddings and Make More Money with Meredith Ryncarz

Feeling stuck in your wedding pricing process? Not even sure what to price or if you are presenting I the right way? In this class we’ll dive into the secret pricing tiers of weddings, how to market within them, and how to present that in a custom quote that will increase your overall bookings. Meredith Ryncarz is a former college art professor turned destination wedding photographer.

Blinded By The Light with Eddie Tapp

The one ingredient we all work with is light. Learning to “see” light is often onerous or unimaginable. And there certainly are reasons why. I’ll break down light in ways you may have never thought of along with samples and demonstration. Learning to feel the light takes on a new revealing once light becomes second nature to you. Fundamentals will get you there. Technical will get you there. Having a visual concept will get you there. Yet seeing light the way of a photographer is unique in its behavior. Perhaps the most powerful ingredient we have is light. You can never stop learning to love light.

Successful Santa Sessions with Linda Carroll

The session will cover how to get started in creating a memorable Santa session for your business. This is based on over six years of building a successful Santa session from scratch. Topics will cover how to get started, location, background design, staff, where to find Santa, and what I have learned over the years to create a memorable Santa session that has repeat clients.

Elegant Editorial Portrait Set Ups with Tracy Page

Working with her model Jordan Chan, Tracy with share how she sets up and shoots editorial portraits followed by a discussion of how she makes the process happen.

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