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Lighting Workshop

02/26/2021 2:11 PM | Lisa Hill (Administrator)

Presented by: GPPA Member Mitch Green 

Article by: Ali Payne

On February 18, 2021, I had a wonderful experience attending Mitch Green’s workshop on studio lighting.  Mitch was a gracious host who also has a wealth of photographic knowledge.  I had several take-aways from this workshop that will help me in my photographic and business journey.

Mitch’s studio is located in an upper room inside his home.  This space is not large, but the space is used quite effectively.  My own home is of similar size and design, so experiencing a photography session within such a space helped me to understand that the constraints I was feeling in my own studio, were not as constraining as I had originally believed.

The lighting setup that Mitch uses is super simple and definitely doable even for someone just starting their business.  Mitch demonstrated his use of one light with a reflector.  We were able to see the results of this one-light setup both with and without the use of an eye-lighter.  He also demonstrated his use of a three-light setup on both a traditional background and also using a white background while creating a high-key look to the images.  It was very impactful to me that once Mitch set his camera to his desired settings, the only changes he made were to light intensity and location.

Overall, my experience with this workshop was extremely powerful and impactful.  I appreciated the opportunity to also do my own shooting using Mitch’s light setup.  He was prepared with easy-to-use triggers, was highly organized, and clearly had a plan for our time together. As an instructor, Mitch was very helpful and did a great job explaining the why’s and how’s for lighting choices he makes.  I would definitely attend such a workshop again!

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Mitch's website: seportraits.com

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  • 02/26/2021 7:00 PM | Anonymous
    I had a terrific time with you, Mitch. I learned a lot and was impressed how you made beautiful images with such a simple lighting setup! Thanks for letting us all into your studio!
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